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The Storm teams will participate in many tournaments on their journey to the World Series. 

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Grooming players both on and off the field...


STA-MO STORM BASEBALL of the Stafford/Missouri City, Texas area is a select youth baseball organization committed to working together to build friendships, strength, unity, and character in young athletes.

Our mission is to create opportunities to educate, develop, and nurture the athletic talents of the youth of our community--as well as compete at the highest levels. We work to demonstrate true sportsmanship and teamwork, and also to lead by example. We strive to promote the building of positive relationships, exhibit pride and enhance community spirit both on and off the baseball field. 




Kaleb Roberts

Storm 16u


Making It Rain

Coming together in the spring of 2012 with a group of players from ages 10 and under, the players on the original team bonded and developed their skill level to a higher capacity than regular league baseball could afford.  These players came together under the leadership of Andrew Jones, President and Team Manager, and Doug Gaskin, Head Coach, with assisting coaches Joey Adams and Anthony Cardenas.

In the summer of 2012, the 10u team participated in the PONY Baseball All-Star Tournaments.  The team went on to win the PONY Sectional Tournament and a hard fought PONY Regional Tournament in Conroe, TX, landing them in the PONY Zone Tournament in Burleson, TX.  After a devastating loss, the team held their heads high and continued on with their quest for excellence.

In 2013, the now 11u team, played hard and participated in numerous tournaments travelling near and abroad.  The hard work paid off as the team qualified for the first World Series in the team’s history which took place in Alabama.  Even with all of the efforts, the team came home with yet another devastating loss.

In 2014, the organization grew by one team of players ages 8 and under, while the original team, now 12u, continued striving for excellence.   The 8u team, nicknamed ‘Baby Storm’, had a lot of catching up to do and huge learning curve to overcome.  While they did their best, the 12u team qualified for yet another chance at the World Series in Alabama.  This time, the 12u team came home with 2nd place. 

A New Chapter 

The year 2015 has brought on tremendous growth for the organization.  There are now 5 teams, ages  9u, 10u, 11u, 12u and the original team which is now 14u.  The newer  teams are working toward developing their skills and strength in the organization, while the 10u and 14u are continuing the journey started previously.  With three trips to a World Series under their belt, the Storm teams look forward to another trip to the World Series. 
Over the last 4 plus years, the organization has overcome many obstacles and trials to get this far.  Each player, as well as the parents, has made a tremendous commitment to the team and the success experienced thus far.  Through hard work and perseverance, the players have formed a united team and grown to become great teammates as well as friends.  It is our hope to continue the tradition of bringing up successful youth and team players in the community for many years to come.  


Landon Lampley



Chase Adams



Tristan White

Storm 11u