Meet Kaleb Roberts  #4  Storm 16u

Kaleb is a Sta-Mo bred player who has been playing with the Storm for many years. He began his baseball career at the ripe old age of 4 years old and grew into a strong player--strong enough to play above his age level. Kaleb not only runs balls down in centerfield and plays 2nd base for the Storm 14u team, but he pitches as well. Kaleb loves all sports and enjoys video games--and we also hear he is a great cook! Kaleb aspires to become an MLB baseball player and also hopes to become a mechanical engineer. 

Meet Landon Lampley  #34  Storm 14u 

Landon, known as Big Lamp/Big Papi like his favorite baseball player David Ortiz, is a seasoned player having started playing at Sta-Mo at only 4 years old. Landon is most celebrated by his coaches for his big bat, sure glove, constant positive attitude and work ethic. Landon primarily plays 1st or 3rd base but is a versatile player who pitches as well. He is an excellent student driven by a love of science and math. Landon hopes to play baseball at the University of Texas with his twin brother. He also hopes to become a meteorologist and is interested in storm chasing.

Fitting that he plays for The Storm!


Meet Chase Adams #7 Storm 12u

Chase, much like his older brother who plays for the Storm 14u team, is a multi-faceted player who plays catcher, 1st & 3rd base, and even pitches. Chase is also a National Honor Society inductee. He is an honor roll student with perfect attendance, as well as a gifted and talented program participant. He hopes to attend and play baseball for LSU. Chase plans to become a mechanical engineer and aspires to become able to design his own cars. He also hopes to someday have the opportunity to play Major League baseball with the LA Dodgers. His favorite baseball player is Yasiel Puig. 

Meet Tristan White  #5  Storm 11u

Tristan plays primarily short-stop and center field for the Storm 8u team and is an all around athlete. He hopes to study law at Ohio State and also hopes to become a lawyer or FBI agent. Tristan is an outstanding scholar and is an Honor Roll student who has received an award for his writing. He is committed to becoming the best baseball player he can be. His past to present favorite baseball players are Jackie Robinson and Albert Pujols.


​Make it rain!